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Solutions Development

Solutions Development is a coaching practice that focuses on driving growth both personal and corporate. We focus on two areas of coaching:

  • Executive Coaching (face to face or virtual)
  • Team Coaching (normally short programs)
Our mission is to help executives to grow to new heights, allowing them to explore new possibilities and develop objectives that deliver on corporate and personal goals. Those who come to be coached at Solutions Development are already successful at what they do but wish to obtain a higher level of achievement. These individuals and teams have recognised that they want to push the envelope out further to gain a greater understanding of themselves and the environment in which they function. In our experience this environment can be:
  • As a leader of a team
  • As a team member
  • Multinational/Global
  • Time restricted
  • Demanding even higher performance
  • Complex, managing multiple stake holders
  • Increasingly Competitive
  • Looking for a new path/direction
We are here to help our clients explore and find their solutions to these development challenges. We believe clients look for coaches not because they have a problem but because they are seeking a solution. We want clients to enable themselves to go further, higher, faster, better.

The one who walks in a gentle way comes far
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